Pakistan Cargo Rates and Price

These are standard prices and you can get discounted price if you have more cargo.

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General cargo

Price starts from

AED 2.5
per KG
  • General Boxes, cloths, Shoes
  • Wooden dismantle able furniture
  • Kitchen items non electronics
  • Bed sheets, curtains, other households


Price starts

Per KG
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Washing Machine, fridge, Dryer
  • Cooking Ranges, Water Dispenser
  • Exercise Machines
  • TV, LED, LCD

Volume Base Items

Price starts from

Per KG
  • Matterses
  • Foam
  • Sofa
  • Big toys, Majlis, Foamy items.

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Pricing FAQs

Frequent asked question about Pakistan cargo rates and prices.

How much a full container cost?

Full container charges varies depends on number or items, packing, dismantling work and destination.

Is there any hidden charges?

Absolutely not, we will clarify all the charges before to pickup the cargo.

What is the furniture cargo price?

Wooden furniture shipping charges starts from AED 2.5/kg if they are not volumative or can be dismantle.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash at the time of pickup but we also accept bank transfer into bank account.

Are there any hidden fees beyond the displayed cost?

No, invoice charges are final as per your declration , no other charges.

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